NaPoWriMo 2012 1/30

These bodies we are in

for a short short while

a bowl of soup

tomatoes on a vine

before dropping

and returning


to be going

someplace else.

How like a pot of tea

open for the steam

to carry itself out

and bring with it

pieces of the leaves.


i wanted to get 5 submissions out yesterday. no deadline outside of my own, i just need to get back into some kind of writing routine and need to also establish a practice of submitting. i wasnt able to get them out yesterday, except for one, but did three more today and will try to get a fifth out by the end of today.
so far:
union station
kill author

in the wings:
poor claudia
dear navigator
used furniture
fairy tale review
raleigh quarterly

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have wanted to post on here for a spell now but have felt not in practice with it, though even if i did, it has been so super busy lately.
have been in new orleans for the past week and a half for wedding preparations. 8 days from this time i will have been married for approximately 10 hours. how strange and awesome this all is.
how strange and awesome that some girl we went out dancing with after a revival show, who's shoes i commented on as we walked to the club, and other than the brief exchange of words following those comments had nothing else to say to me that night, and who other than an even briefer exchange on facebook in the weeks following, nothing was passed between the two of us until a serendipitous evening when we both happened to be on line at the same time and had a unique and random online chat, is the person that come next saturday i'm going to spend the rest of my life with. wow.

-rings (made by my friend allyson) are en route
-groomsman bowties en route
-honeymoon in maine
-marriage license waiting in an envelope waiting to be signed
-vows to write
-pinatas to purchase
-lanterns to hang
-much much more
-watched this korean flick this afternoon at the prytania called poetry. pretty good.
-saw thor a couple nights ago. alright. not great, but not bad--felt (structurally/directorially) like a big budgeted tv show on the wb
-my nephew cracks me up and makes me smile
-am MOST appreciative of my family
-LOVE my soon to be wife
-need to be eating altogther more snoballs while in town

came across this on rattle the other day and loved it

Mountain Dew Commercial Disguised as a Love Poem
by Matthew Olzmann

Here’s what I’ve got, the reasons why our marriage
might work: Because you wear pink but write poems
about bullets and gravestones. Because you yell
at your keys when you lose them, and laugh,
loudly, at your own jokes. Because you can hold a pistol,
gut a pig. Because you memorize songs, even commercials
from thirty years back and sing them when vacuuming.
You have soft hands. Because when we moved, the contents
of what you packed were written inside the boxes.
Because you think swans are overrated.
Because you drove me to the train station. You drove me
to Minneapolis. You drove me to Providence.
Because you underline everything you read, and circle
the things you think are important, and put stars next
to the things you think I should think are important,
and write notes in the margins about all the people
you’re mad at and my name almost never appears there.
Because you make that pork recipe you found
in the Frida Khalo Cookbook. Because when you read
that essay about Rilke, you underlined the whole thing
except the part where Rilke says love means to deny the self
and to be consumed in flames. Because when the lights
are off, the curtains drawn, and an additional sheet is nailed
over the windows, you still believe someone outside
can see you. And one day five summers ago,
when you couldn’t put gas in your car, when your fridge
was so empty—not even leftovers or condiments—
there was a single twenty-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew,
which you paid for with your last damn dime
because you once overheard me say that I liked it.


for those of you who dont know, sheila siobhan, shannon leigh's mother, has been sick with the H1N1 and is not doing good. and now apparently, she's really not doing good. with all that her and her partner ron have been through over the past few years it is even more saddening. please send your love and prayers and miracles to texas, and if you're able to donate please visit:

when last we left our hero

I just woke from a dream which, from what I can surmise was perhaps the 5th installment? of a film series that was a kind of mix between the Wire and Indiana Jones/National Treasure? it was seemed to be an ongoing dramatic narrative involving urban crime families, the law, and maybe the mob as well, while stretching across the backdrop of cobblestoned europe and the lost treasured artifacts of history.

when we joined the tale, I had just escaped from something and from the place that i start remembering:
me and Method man were secretly and quietly and quickly making our way up this mountain slash tower--it was like a slanted cliff inside what once seemed to a tower so there was stones and a shaft like quality but roots and rock and earth. below us were gang members that we snuck past, a gang that up until shortly before Meth had been a part of, and then we heard them yelling how the "Chain" was coming, the chain being the slang term for when a large group of gang members rolled up, like the "Posse" of old. he started hustling super fast to get to the top, where was hidden some ancient treasure (probably courtesy of the Nazis) buried in some secret and forgotten room of the ruins we were climbing towards/through.

we made it. got the goods. and got into my car which was up there and drove it back down past our shadowy nemeses, me crouched crouched in the back, meth driving in case they recognized the car they wouldnt match it with the driver, but also slouched low enough so to hopefully not be recognized himself. we slowly passed them and under sunrise twilight we pulled down the street and another to a quiet place where people we were with were waiting. Meth and I swapped cars begrudgingly, as turning benedict and teaming up with me was not necessarily born out of desire but need and because his car was a sweet refurbished white-with red-interior Dash Dart (thought he front of the cab did not look like one but more of a jetson bubble space car), and I took off through what looked like the streets of Prague.

How the dark comes. And leaves?

How dark the sky above us looms.

How the thick curling branches curl and creak.

Like a house some of us once grew up in
like the houses of our parents.

My antennas bend
the dial turns lazily between my fingers
all I pick up is soft static reaching out of the desert
carried to me on sand and wind.

It is comforting.

Like a drive with the windows down and the radio off.

How dark the road before us is.

How the people before us crammed their gods
into so many objects:

the planets
the weather
the dirt
their hair their hairbrush
the eyelashes of the lover
the comb carved of turtleshell
the turtle as well.

Even now the gods have creeped in.
Made smaller by time but still pushed into my hamper.
My sink.
My cup of water my television
my news
my bloody bloody news.
My nephew.
The birthday of my brother
passing by each year
he still never catches up to me.

When I dream of him
he is always still only seven.
Even he
his body his heart his future
some sort of god whittles a book inside him.

So many gods.
How do they ever spend their time?

How do we?

How dark the objects we have laid before us are.
Even that darkness a god or two has been crammed into it.
A slight turning of a kneecap
I see it
from the approaching thunderstorms
slight sliver.

Slight silver shivering.

Curve of bone.

Builder of house.

How the dark keeps me up,
sitting in my well lit living room
as my love
my wife-to-be
my all-this-heart
sleeps in the bed.

I have not written the prayer in so long.

The leaves they move so softly within me.


In the winter of 2007 I started coming down to Austin TX to work on a film with my friend Anlo Sepulvada, called Otis Under Sky. We worked on it for the next three years.

Over that time I would make trips down to Texas for a week to months at a time. The film is unscripted so between Anlo, the lead actress Roberta, and myself we would take Anlo’s ideas for the story and flesh them out, adding to the plot and putting together the flow and dialogue of the scenes. It was interesting, fun, at times frustrating and a pain in the butt, and a wonderful experience of working on something different than just performing poems and having the opportunity to anchor new friendships.

The movie, like most creative endeavors, is one that began in one place and over the time of shooting developed in something different. We shot so many scenes and shots over the years, enough for a number of films. Over the past six months Anlo worked hard on editing this joker down and a couple months ago I was finally able to see a rough cut. It was really awesome to see something that until that point was a bag of skin and bones, that I knew what it would feasibly look like if it stood up but had not had the chance to see that in actuality. Here was the film we had worked on so hard for so long finally staning on it’s own two feet, walking around. And it was good. Not yet finished, but to see something that until now was mainly in the halls of Anlo’s head–to see it standing up and stretching in the light, to see its shape and to see that its shape was pretty good, was really exciting.

That excitement grew when last week we learned that it was one of the feature length films accepted to this year’s SXSW film festival, one of the leading festivals in the U.S. This is fantastic news! Anlo and his wife Mandi have put so much into making this movie. Anlo took on the dream of exploring a different kind of feature length narrative and Mandi wholeheartedly supported him in this endeavor, through the struggles that come being newly married, buying a house, having a baby, and constructing an eco-apartment under their house themselves. The hurdles they have surpassed to simply make a movie themselves and the sacrifices they have made to come out on the other side with this kind of validation is so inspiring and joyous to me. So much of themselves they have put to the side for the completion of this project and it has paid off.

There is still a little bit of work to be done to get the film ready for the festival--color correction, sound mixing, final touches to the music and editing, as well as starting the promotional machine to produce buzz for the movie. They've started a Kickstarter to try and raise the last minute additional funds needed for this. Stop by if you would, and if you're able to give anything much appreciated. If you're able to contribute in other ways, let us know. And if you're in Austin at the time of SXSW, we hope you stop by to see the flick. Thanks all, hope to see you in March.